Complimentary engagement session for the last few 2024 dates




A well-loved Barcelona with year-round glorious weather, world-class cuisine, and  architecturally magnificent buildings it's simply a perfect destination for your engagement or destination wedding. Here you get the luxury of both city and coastal living and filled with architecture gems from the famous Antoni Gaudi, the city is brimming the culture and history that's just waiting to be explored by you. 

While staying in Barcelona it’s more than worth your while to take a few days out in the coast, exploring medieval villages and enjoying the best beaches of Costa Brava. Of course Barcelona is beautiful in the summer, but I couldn’t help thinking that it would feel even more magical – and a bit less busy – in spring or autumn.

As a film wedding photographer in Barcelona   I’m always excited to explore the corners of the city with my film camera and there's nothing better than getting lost in the narrow streets of Gothic Quarter, enjoying Spanish guitar in the hidden gardens. Barcelona is full of undeniable charm and vibe that none other cities has and it is a perfect backdrop for a memorable engagement session or a romantic breathtaking  proposal. 

Barcelona has everything you need to make your engagement one of a kind. This fantastic city’s architectural heritage, lifestyle, sunny weather, and tapas will set your passionate, romantic love celebration with a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.



There is a place in Barcelona so rich in history that its walls come alive with romance! The Gothic Quarter is the perfect setting for your dreamy enagegement session in Barcelona. This places filled with captivating tranquility, especially in the morning while the tourists are still taking their first coffee.

Abby and Justin travelled from New York to celebrate their destination wedding in Barcelona and they chose the iconic and dreamy Gothic Quarter for their engagement session.

The shoot started with a sunrise stroll around the majestic Cathedral of Barcelona, the heart of the city, is framed by the gorgeous facade, surrounded by narrow alleyways and hidden gardens. This session is all about romance and simplicity. My favorite thing about the Gothic Quarter is how the neutral stone architecture was contrasted by the striking jewel blues of the cathedral doors. There's always something new to explore in every season.

An engagement session in Gothic Quarter in Barcelona  is a dream come true for couples seeking a picturesque backdrop to immortalize their love story in Barcelona.


Throughout this entire session, my aim was to capture the couple's love story in a way that transcends time.

All of my photography work is captured in analog camera. Film photography gives the absolute timeless touch to the photographs of my couples.

If you are looking for images that express your love story in a timeless and elegant way, consider a couple photo session in a romantic location like Barcelona.

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