There are so many dream destinations around the world, but there’s something magical about Italy. I know I am  quite predictable and obvious, but the romantic, relaxed and cinematic atmosphere of Italy never fails to amaze me. You'll be enamored with la dolce vita as soon as you step foot onto a cobblestone square or watch a magnificent sunset over the Mediterranean sea with its unique blue hues that only exist in Italy. 

As summer is quickly approaching, perhaps  all your thoughts are around planning a perfect marriage proposal?  Italy is one of the most requested destinations for a romantic proposal as it offers endless spots where to pop the question and make this moment absolutely magical. 

Italy is a stunning spot for honeymooners too! 

Being a destination wedding photographer in Italy and Europe for a decade of years, I realised there is a missing piece for the couples in love after their wedding. Imagine getting lost in the dreamy and wanderlust streets  of a tiny Italian village in Tuscany, or a leisurely relaxed evening by the infinity pool with a glass of Aperol Spritz in Ravello, or a sunset boat ride in Capri. Honeymooning in Italy is simply timeless; couples are spoiled for choice when it comes to the romantic experiences they can have while visiting this Mediterranean gem.

Looking where to escape with your partner this summer? So, get ready to explore my curated guide to the most romantic places in Italy, perfect for spending some serious quality time together! These incredible towns and cities in Italy are perfect to fill you with love and bliss. And you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them.  Seriously, prepare to swoon!


The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque coastlines you have ever seen, with picturesque cliffside towns best known for their beaches, grand palazzos and magnificent hotels.  With so many incredible hotels throughout the coast for particularly memorable stay you can pick a suite at Palazzo Avino in Ravello, Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria on a stunning cliffside in Sorrento or Le Sirenuse in Positano.

During high season, getting around is a huge challenge, with winding roads known for heavily concentrated traffic as well as ideal scenery for photography. I would recommend visiting the Amalfi Coast in the off-season (April and October are ideal) and getting around by boat if possible. There are good connections between Salerno and the main coastal towns and believe me, the views from the sea will be no less stunning.

Positano, one of the pearls of the Amalfi Coast, is very crowded with tourists during the high summer season. But its achingly beautiful pastel-colored houses, falling off the cliffs and lining the beach like a movie set, make it a dream destination for every couple in love. 

Dreaming of the epic proposal or the couple shoot in Positano?

Most of the couples wish to propose on the beach so your wedding photographer can capture that significant moment with the breathtaking view of the colorful houses in the background. While everything looks calm and easy for a couple session in the early morning, then in the summer months, as soon as the sun comes out, the beach is extremely crowded. 


My advice is to book a private terrace or a reserved area on the beach (at a specific moment) to surprise your partner with a romantic setting.  If your partner doesn’t mind a little bit of audience while you are popping the question, then the beach is an ideal spot. If you wish an absolute private proposal, choose to rent a boat to get the best background and light without anyone appearing in swimsuits and bikinis on your proposal photographs. This way you will get the most stunning photographs of your special and memorable moments from Positano.

Always consider the help of the wedding planner to make everything to go smooth: whether it's about booking the terrace or renting the iconic Fiat 500 car to get to the sweetest view point with Italian  style! It's la dolce vita after all!

Close to over-crowded Positano lies the sprawling, peaceful village of Praiano. It makes a good, low-key base for exploring the coast and for an effortless couple shoot.. From sipping a cappuccino at Bar Sole on the main street till La Gavitella beach it's a perfect scenario to capture the relaxed morning and the priceless moments of your stay in the Amalfi Coast.


Capri is certainly one of the most famous places in the world, known for its romance.

It is not surprising that so many couples choose this place for their marriage proposal or honeymoon. Capri is an absolutely iconic island known for its fabulous hotels, chic restaurants and  La Dolce Vita. You will find yourself hanging out on the cafe terraces of the glamorous piazzetta, visiting the Villa San Michele and strolling through its gardens. Don't forget to take a boat and swim in the Grotto Azzurra.

If you want to experience the best of Capri in the effortless way, take a boat tour around the island. This is the best way to discover hidden coves and grottoes while your wedding photographer in Capri  is capturing the every highlight of your honeymoon or proposal in the most timeless way.


The Italian Riviera is a coastal strip in northwest Italy’s Liguria region that winds around the Ligurian sea. If you pick a less traveled destination for your dreamy honeymoon or proposal, such as the adorable Portofino, you're  guaranteed a supremely unique, multi-experiential journey.


With plenty of shops that sell local artisan products, famous packed bars, and some of the best Michelin restaurants you’ve ever visited, it’s become quite a popular honeymoon destination in the last several years. 

If you are planning the dreamy  proposal,  Portofino is the place to be. My advice is : book your stay at Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel  to start the day in the heart of Portofino skipping both heat and crowds and enjoy the town strolling its cozy streets, tasting the best of the Ligurian cuisine and of course rent a boat. There, with the gorgeous Portofino backdrop,  you can propose without being in the noisy harbour.

Also one of the prettiest place for a marriage proposal is definitely Castello Brown, with its stunning view over the harbour and crystal green waters. The terrace of the Castle can be booked privately, and with a slight touch of a romantic setting, you will for sure impress your partner and leave her speechless.

For your longer stay drive 20 minutes east and you'll find Camogli, a tiny fishing village that is without doubt the cutest town in all of Italy. Following the coast line you wont skip Santa Margherita Ligure, an adorable fishing village and Rapallo, the bustling waterfront gateway to Liguria.


For all the couples of lovers who have visited it once, Florence is the romantic city par excellence.  Countless churches and villas throughout the capital and its surrounding countryside make stellar venues for saying “I do.” So why not thinking then about a Proposal in Florence

At sunset, Florence is at its best. The light gets warm and radiant, enveloping bodies and monuments, and enriches all it touches with beauty. There couldn’t be a more glorious moment to kneel and ask for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage. 

If your idea is to enjoy the view overlooking the Florence privately there are plenty rooftop terraces to propose in Florence with breath-taking views. These terraces can be rented for exclusive use for the moment of your proposal so that you can ask the hand of your better half without anyone else around then toast with a glass of Prosecco and celebrate with a private dinner just for the two of you.

I will be quite predictable to say that there’s nothing more picturesque than a trip through the Tuscan Countryside. With its rolling hills, picturesque vineyards, and rustic country estates  Tuscany certainly deserves a spot on this list. 

From picturesque and historic heritage town Siena to the towns of Montepulciano and San Gimignano, all are easy day trips from Florence.  For the discerning couple Borgo Santo Pietro, nestled amongst the gorgeous  hills and vineyards of Tuscany, is the perfect countryside retreat where your stay and proposal will be organised with the  special detail and care. 


With its Renaissance-inspired buildings, sprawling squares, and cobbled streets and endless canals, it’s unsurprising that Venice is one of the most romantic places not only in Italy but in the entire world. Imagine your proposal on a gondola ride, or on an intimate bridge, or in the epic San Marco square. The floating city of Venice is full of romantic spots. 

The most iconic places of Venice are overcrowded during the summer season, so be ready to wake up early to get your couple shoot without the crowd. 

San Marco’s square will take your breath away especially if it will be your first time in Venice. Is there anything more romantic than having the famous Basilica as well as Palazzo Ducale and San Marco’s bell tower as backdrop?

For a more private proposal hire a wedding planner to book a  rooftop terrace overlooking the city - a magical setting for a proposal.


Spanning an impressive 1,000km across Italy’s shores is the Sicilian coastline, where you’ll find some of the most romantic places in Italy. I should confess this is my favourite island and it's hard not to fall in love with the raw nature, luxury resorts and incredibly delicious food and open-hearted people.

Although anywhere along the Sicilian Coastline will have your heart fluttering, you can’t beat Taormina as it’s home to Isola Bella. Start your day in Taormina like the Italians do: stroll through the narrow streets of Taormina and find one of the nicest cafes to enjoy delicious granita and brioche while enjoying the Sicilian sun and just people watching.

If you plan your honeymoon or proposal in Sicily don’t forget to visit the Aeolian Islands, which proudly sit in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Not only will you need to take a romantic boat ride to get to these spots, but Lipari’s sprawling pebbled beaches and scenic hiking trails are swoon-worthy during the summertime.

No doubt, choosing Italy as your destination for your marriage proposal or honeymoon is absolutely exciting. From all the great sites you will see to the memories that you’ll make, Italy is the ideal romantic setting. 

Embarking on a new part of your life is an exciting time, I  couldn’t be more excited for you both.


Don't forget to drop a line through the contact form  if you are looking for a film wedding photographer in Italy to capture your special and  unforgettable moments in timeless and effortless way.