Complimentary engagement session for the last few 2024 dates


The dream couple session in summer streets of  Saint-Tropez

Made famous by Brigitte Bardot, Saint-Tropez remains at the top of the most luxury holiday destination list. A glimmering and glamorous village located on the shores of the French Riviera, Saint -Tropez is a place to see and be seen during the summer months.

the reason to fall in love with French Riviera

If you’re on vacation in French Riviera the recipe of a great day  is as easy as to arrive to Saint-Tropez in the morning, settle a chair at a near by cafe as you sip your cafe creme and nibble your pain au chocolat and watch the locals playing petanque in Place des Lices, find a bakery and enjoy one more croissant (you cannot have too many croissants ) and wander blissfully the pastel colored streets to appear at the port and enjoy watching the crew of regata getting ready to sail away. Find the bookstore to sink into the golden age of Saint-Tropez and imagine Brigitte Bardot strolling barefoot through the cobbled streets, Jack Nicholson zipping around on his moped by the sea. I believe your soul and eyes will be full of inspiration in a heart beat. This French Riviera honeymoon will make you feel like being in the movie set!

When I found out that Lan and Jason had chosen Saint-Tropez for their honeymoon session my heart skipped a bit. If you are planning  the honeymoon or pre-wedding session in Saint Tropez here you will find all the highlights of the beautiful session as it should be. So please, take a glass of rosé and enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous town while you are scrolling down this gorgeous couple session in Saint-Tropez.

Luxury touch of Dior des Lices cafe

After relaxed walk in the sunny port of Saint-Tropez it was just the right time to cool down in the shade of the iconic Dior des Lices cafe. In this elegant garden of the Saint Tropez Dior shop that has a lovely setting and it is a perfect place to slow down and to take a cup of coffee or a cold drink. There's no doubt you will enjoy the elegant and exclusive atmosphere of  this place.

And finally what could be better than carefree wandering the sunny streets of Saint-Tropez with the basket of freshly cut lavender,  the  sea tasting seafood in the local market with a glass of champagne, and buying fresh crispy baguettes? One element is still missing. You can’t go to Saint Tropez without paying a visit to La Tarte Tropezienne! Here the town’s most famous dessert was born: a brioche with a delicious cream filling. They say that it was Brigitte Bardot who encouraged the owner of the shop to name the dessert properly, and that’s how the ‘tarte tropezienne’ was born.


Throughout this entire  session, my aim was to capture the couple’s love story in a way that transcends time. All of my photography work is captured in analogue. Film Photography gives the absolute timeless and sophisticated touch to the photographs of my couples.

This delicate and elegant honeymoon photo session in Saint-Tropez turned out into a beautiful series of images that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the couple.

So, if you are looking for images that express your love story in a timeless and elegant way, consider a couple photo session in a stunning location like Saint-Tropez. 

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