So you are in love and you are dreaming to say "I do" in one of  the most beautiful and vivid cities in the world - Barcelona.  The Gothic Quarter, the romance, the delicious tapas and food. Lovers of history and architecture will find that Barcelona might be their dream wedding destination. Barcelona is a feast for the eyes. With its incredible beauty and wealth of art and architecture, Barcelona’s popularity as a wedding destination city has burgeoned in recent years and I truly understand why.

Even if it’s just the two of you, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream engagement or elopement day. Grab a fresh beautiful bouquet at local florist shop, pick up the gorgeous flowy dress, hair & makeup and photographer and finish your day with a romantic candle-lit dinner on a terrace. The gastronomy is famous in Barcelona and there are so many Michelin starred restaurants in the city that will gift a memorable experience for your special day.

Once you are here you could be a bit lost looking for the most iconic and unique locations for your engagement or elopement day. Here below I collected my favourite corners of Barcelona that you will definitely fall in love with and will be the perfect background for your elopement day.



There hardly can be anything as iconic as Gothic Quarter.  Being one of the oldest and most historical part of the city, it's absolutely gorgeous and you could spend hours  wandering through the narrow alleyways, discovering some of the best off the secret gems in Barcelona to capture the best moment of your engagements or elopement session. 
While the whole world is still in a rush, I highly recommend to make a stop at picturesque Plaça Reial and enjoy a glass of cava to celebrate your love!

Check out this gorgeous anniversary shooting in Barcelona to fall in love with the stunning Gothic Quarter. 



This park speaks for itself. Park Guell  is one of Antoni Gaudí‘s most imaginative and symbolic works of art. I can't imagine any other place that could  inspire the same way. Being touristy destination, the earlier is better so this place suit sunrise photo sessions. But believe me you early wake up will be rewarded with stunning views and absolutely gorgeous light and views over the gorgeous Barcelona.

Park Guell is a really enormous garden with stunning and distinct architectural elements that create such a beautiful backdrop for any kind of the shooting. When the summer comes the garden sinks into the blooming of all kind of the flowers and it's just a 'can't get enough' season!


If your heart hasn't melted yet, here I share the photos of the gem of Barcelona - Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Iconic, breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous architecture of this basilica attracts millions of people every year. Is there anything else  so much desirable? The details, the colours, everything about this building is truly magnificent.

A little tip from me: there are plenty of stunning Airbnbs  and hotel rooms  with the views to Sagrada Família, so you could devote a bit of your time of the shooting at the terrace enjoying the best and timeless  views  of the basilica and the city.


I'll confess this is one of my favourite place in Barcelona that is the ideal and unique place for the any elopement or engagement session. Being out of the main tourist routes it's often stays forgotten and consequently peaceful.   There's  the cypress tree maze in the centre of the park, which has become an iconic spot and could be the perfect place to say "I do" when you are making a proposal or exchanging the vows of your elopement.

This park has been used as the setting  for a number of films that wanted to capture its charm. These include Perfume, by director Tom Tykwer. 


Situated in the heart of Barcelona this park is simply an oasis of tranquility and beauty. Starting your engagement or elopement session here in the morning will include not only the beauty of the gorgeous cascada fountain and fun of the boat ride on the little lake but also feeding the ducks, that is personally my favourite thing to do when I pass by!

Could you imagine this is just the smallest part of the best and unique locations for the engagements and elopements  in Barcelona? Can't wait to share my next post about the unique locations for the elopements and intimate weddings around Barcelona. Stay tuned!

Olya Kobruseva is a fine art elopement photographer in Barcelona. She documents engagements and weddings  internationally on film format and you could check the recent love stories right here.