Barcelona is so generous for sunrises that it would be pity to miss it on a wedding day. It was just a great idea to slow down and to enjoy a sunrise before the ceremony and to spend some magical moments together. 

Alejandro and Alina chose Palau de la Musica Catalana as their unique elopement place  in Barcelona where they exchanged their vows in completely intimate atmosphere. Smiles, tears of happiness and a lot of kisses. That is how the celebration of love  looks like.


After the ceremony Alina and Alejandro were enjoying the day in Barcelona streets: sharing churros and cacalolat in the oldest desayunaria of the city, walking in the park and simply enjoying every moment of their special day together. The first dance happened right in front of Sagrada Familia. Can you imagine how fabulously it looked like? Simply roll down the page and enjoy it the same!

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Planning  The Stars Inside

Olya Kobruseva is a fine art elopement photographer in Barcelona. She documents engagements and weddings  internationally on film format and you could check the recent love stories right here.