Mallorca, Spain

Our paths crossed long ago in Berlin and so now again they did in Mallorca. I held my way to the wedding and it was such a great surprise when Kori and Andreu invited me to stay several days before at their bungalow.  We captured these moments right there among the olive trees under the hot sun of Mallorca. And  then we swam in the sea, and we told us stories, while watching old movie under the night sky, hoping our stars will collide again on my next destination. 
Mallorca is the place to fall in love with, and it's not a surprise it's become the popular destination for the elopements and weddings from all over the Europe. Drop me a line  through the contact form if you plan a honeymoon or a wedding in Mallorca. 

Olya Kobruseva is a fine art elopement and wedding photographer in Mallorca, Spain. She documents engagements and weddings  internationally on film format and you could check the recent love stories right here.