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Dreamy places to propose in Italy


Once you are in Liguria region Portofino is the town you can't miss. Portofino is  known for being a luxurious holiday destination for people all over the world and of course it's one of the romantic town talking about the Italian Riviera.  With plenty of shops that sell local artisan products, famous packed bars, and some of the best Michelin restaurants you’ve ever visited, it’s become quite a popular wedding destination in the last several years. 



As I have mentioned before Portofino is one of the romantic towns in Liguria . It is where elegance meets glamour with a pinch of Italian charm.  

So if you are planning the proposal that will make her heart jump this is the place to be. My advice is : to book your stay at Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel   (this luxury resort is the perfect romantic location for your dream day in Portofino) to start the day in the heart of Portofino skipping both heart and crowds, book your destination wedding photographer in Italy and enjoy the town strolling its cozy streets, tasting the best of the Ligurian cuisine and of course rent a boat!  Before dinner, and after a day either out on the water or even just strolling through Portofino, sit at one of the restaurants on the main piazza and enjoy an aperitivo (I recommend you to try the aesthetic Chinotto or Negroni) - you’ll truly be living la dolce vita like local Italians this way, as you watch and take in all that the vibrant city has to offer.

. If you’re considering a seaside elopement (or even a honeymoon trip to romantic Portofino!), you’ll absolutely love this beautiful couple session that has all the elements  to turn your proposal into a dream one!


From the heart of Portofino to the Ligurian Coast on a Boat

Speaking of boat tours! Renting a private boat is the definitely the best way to enjoy the views of Portofino. Because of its proximity to the water and because it’s a historic fishing village, it only makes sense to embrace the beauty of the Ligurian coast.

So, why not take a boat around the sea? With a boat tour in Portofino, you’ll have a captain who knows the waters. And you and your partner can enjoy the sights and sounds of being on the sea. To make it extra special and romantic, pack a bottle of Prosecco from a local  wine shop and don't forget the ring!


Preparing for the proposal shooting in Portofino I knew I'll shoot it completely on analog camera in order not to miss the beautiful tones of this gorgeous place and besides I wanted to concentrate on the feeling of the summer day and feelings between the couple and to choose carefully every shot I do. The magic of film photography made this  session look elegant and timeless, so the couple got the best result of the special day in the family milestone.

Portofino is a popular destination for a reason. From the incredible blue waters to the charm of the colorful city nestled into the mountainside, it draws people from all over the world. 

And if you’re thinking of planning a proposal in Portofino or wedding in Italy, you’ll want to know what to expect and how to prepare your perfect couple shoot. Drop me a line through the contact form to  book your destination film photographer in Italy.