F i l m   P r e s e t s

Today I'm happy to share a pack of two my favorite presets  for Lightroom I use to achieve those light images with perfect skin tone and colors! As a fan of film photography i worked a lot to improve my postproduction skills to create the best presets that will look as great as film photos! 

B U Y    P R E S E T S

Lightroom CC Mobile Preset

I love to post “iPhone Sneak Peeks” during my trips and  sessions  but I found myself unhappy with most editing apps. I was playing around in Lightroom mobile (which is free to download) and I loved the flexibility in editing. In fact, most people could not believe it was my iPhone taking the pictures! After many of you asking, I have decided to share today one of them with you.   And the best part is that after you apply the preset you can still make minor adjustments to make them perfect! I hope you love it, it have saved me so much time and have given my iPhone pictures a cohesive feel.

This download is NOT for the Lightroom CC Desktop software.  

B U Y   P R E S E T

Pinky Lightroom Preset

I work hard to improve my digital shots to look like film ones. So today i share my new favorite preset that will make your editing of photographs easy as never before. It will make your sunset or daylight photos  tasty and tender (if i may say that way).


B U Y   P R E S E T