Vintage Kimono Inspiration Shooting | Barcelona, Spain

To be grateful to declare love and respect for traditional Japanese fabrics, which we have been collected for a long time, and which, with the pandemic, saw the opportunity to bring to light and give a new life. And it is that if one thing is clear is that the kimono has always been a reference in fashion, and far from the image of an iconic and timeless, has undergone multiple changes and has evolved over time. And it is exactly play, joy and creativity that keep any fashion alive. - L'arcabarcelona

Muse  Inna

Style  Kristina Kondrasheva 
Vintage kimonos, pants & umbrella  L'arcabarcelona
Muah Hairlookstyle
Turban Andrea Vientec

Venue 1CStudio
Scan Carmencitafilmlab